While a place for a student semester at a university abroad is usually organised by the student‘s own university, finding an internship place abroad seems to be very difficult for most students.

Job portals, job brokers, personal contacts , career portals of companies, university networks and job fairs are many different ways to find an internship abroad.



  • job portals are usually limited to one country,
  • not every student can afford the fees of a job broker,
  • career portals of companies are sometimes unknown,
  • job fairs are sometimes very expensive and unreachable for students,
  • universities usually only provide study places to partner universites abroad not to companies,
  • and personal contacts abroad are not the rule.


For these reasons the problem becomes clear:

It is not easy to find a suitable internship placement considering the possibilities listed.

What is missing is a known, transparent, globally accessible portal, which is specialized on the placement of international internships. Also the service must be offered free of charges for the applicants.

This is the basis of our business idea!


How do both parties find each other?

Basically this happens through bilateral networking: bringing the intern and the company together on an international level.


How does this work?

One place. One function. One target:


The innovative web portal for international internships!


Does this not already exist?

No, there is no comparable professional implemented platform on the market.

Together with you, we intend to change this!



Internships around the globe. Start your journey now.